Thailand’s Minister of Transport is a true Thai politician

Thailand's Minister of Transport is a true Thai politician - etn, August 6, 2010
...However, the Minister of Transport does not seem to agree completely on both Mr Vejjajiva and Mr Amranand's vision of business at Thai Airways. Mr. Zarum comes indeed from a different political party than Mr. Abhisit, and this party has obviously other priorities. Mr Zamrun's party is under the influence of Thai politician Newin Chudchob. According to local newspapers and even some sources at Thai Airways, Mr. Chudchob is "keener" on Thai AirAsia, which could lose out some business from renewed competition by Thai Airways In 2009, Newin Chudchob acquired a soccer club in Isaan and he concluded then with TAA a deal to transport the fans of the club in Bangkok at discount prices.
So far, both Prime Minister and Ministry of Finances have been supportive of Thai Airways decision to ink the deal with Tiger Airways, forcing Mr. Zarum to make a spectacular u-turn and to acknowledge that he would not meddle into Thai Airways' decision as it was already to late. Mr Zamrun declared also that he does not want to be accused of political collusion. But Mr Zarum's first reaction shows once again that he obviously belongs to Thailand old politicians cast. The one, which thinks that its own interest has a higher priority than the general public interest...

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