From Not the Nation

From Not the Nation

"Manager" Prints Entire September Issue By Replacing "Thaksin" With "Abhisit"
...The special election issue accuses Abhisit of corruption, dishonesty, failed leadership, leading a party guilty of criminal malfeasance, disrespecting Thailand's culture, and selling out Thai sovereignty to a foreign power. Additionally, it makes broad suggestions that Abhisit is not "really Thai..."

Obese, Diabetic, Smoking Sex Tourist Is Appalled At Lack Of Nana Plaza Fire Exits
...Mott, who smokes 3 packs of Khrong Tip a day and has Type 2 obesity-related diabetes, claimed that a fire exit was a basic standard of safety that even a third-world country should be able to manage. While eating a cheeseburger and smoking, both of which his physician has begged him to quit, Mott railed against what he perceived as Thailand's basic disregard for the sanctity of life...

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