Red Shirt Human Shield Baby

Above: The caption reads: Our children deserve better

Red Shirt human shield baby on Christian Children's Fund flyer - August, 2010

The flyer reads: Why do adults do something like this? - Report from witnesses of the event - Dr. Kanchada Piriyarangsan, CCF Foundation Director - from the clash zone in Pratunam area - "When I walked to the clash zone in Pratunam area to survey the impact of the situation on children who are under patronage of the foundation, it was a shocking experience that I cannot easily forget. The carcass of the burnt car and dark smoke that covered the area, the traces of the M79 bomb and bullets were clear. The thing that most disturbed my mind is fear of the children who faced the nightmare clash and their frank question that "Why do adult do something like this? Why were people killed?" as citizens of the country. We need to show them that there is better way than this...

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