Hate Everyday

(Source: Thai Rath, cartoon by Zia, July 5, 2010)

From Thai Rath, cartoon by Zia, July 5, 2010

The cartoon title reads: How many million calls from agony?
On the blood in the middle: "Dispersal order" and "Red Shirts"
At the top a hand is struck with an arrow that reads "Kho Soi Dao"
The mouse at the bottom right is saying: Hate everyday

[This cartoon refers to the government's public relations campaign asking people to call in with their comments and complaints to the government. The government or PM is represented by the figure in the chair taking the calls with the nazi snake around its neck.
The hand at the top refers to royal privy council power that is alleged to be pulling stings behind the scenes. The arrow refers to land encroachment scandals that have dogged Privy Council members.]

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