Two Thai suspects arrive Bangkok from Cambodia

Two Thai suspects arrive Bangkok from Cambodia - The Nation, July 5, 2010

Why not Arisamun? - The Nation, July 4, 2010
Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban said Monday declined to comment on why Cambodia did not arrest and return a leading red shirt leader; Arisamun Pongruengrong, who is reportedly taking refuge in Cambodia...

[Cambodia has long been a place where fugitive Thais are allowed to flee to-- particularly big men too big to be detained in Thailand (like Vatana Asavahame, Duangchalerm Yoobamrung, and Kamnan Poh). In Cambodia these fugitives are close enough to Thailand to continue to conduct business and political activities face to face with their minions who travel over the border to meet then.
Thaksin and his legion of lawyers and lobbyists will find the return of these fugitives troubling. The significance of this is not in the loss of a willing ally in Hun Sen, but that that international pressure from China and the U.S. has been exerted behind the scenes on the Cambodian regime.
This is yet another indication to Thaksin supporters that major powers are not interested in allowing a Thaksin-led revolution in Thailand and that the continuity of the present Thai state is the preferable outcome.]

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