From Thailand’s rural reaches to the Palme d’Or

From Thailand's rural reaches to the Palme d'Or - Newsweek, July 10, 2010
...One of the other Primitive works is an 11-minute video called Phantoms of Nabua, which won South Korea's Asia Art Award in April, just as red-shirted antigovernment protesters invaded the Thai Parliament. The film, made in 2009, shows youths kicking around a burning football at night. "The story of Nabua undeniably has echoes of the current political turmoil in Thailand," Weerasethakul wrote in his artist's note, referring to the wide-scale torture, extrajudicial killings, and rape that took place in Nabua during the Thai military's anticommunist campaign. "Institutions involved in those events of the past, along with new ones, are the key players in the ongoing chaos. Just as in the past, they manipulate the public psyche, instilling it with faith and fear...."

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