The murky world of illegal Asian gambling

Viewpoint: The murky world of illegal Asian gambling - BBC, July 17, 2010
...A British gambling executive, speaking of his experiences in the Asian gambling world, told me what happened during a business trip to Thailand.
"When I got off the plane there was a police officer at the airport with my name on a board. And when he saw me, I thought: 'Oh no, what is happening?'
"He took me straight through customs, and my luggage had been put to the front of the plane, and we are escorted into the centre of Bangkok by a three-police-car cavalcade."
The executive said he was taken to the bookmaker's office for a meeting, and that a senior police officer then joined them for dinner. "If that is not the message: "I've got protection", I don't know what is," he added...

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