More on the International Crisis Group

(Source: USA for Innovation YouTube channel)

More on the International Crisis Group
- July 9, 2010

We noted yesterday the International Crisis Group's call for elections and other actions which seem to be a catalog of Thaksin demands--new elections, introduction of international monitors, "international assistance" in conducting inquiries into the recent violence, amnesty for banned politicians, etc.

Nils notes: Interesting find in the International Crisis Group report (PDF, page 30):
Appendix D
International Crisis Group Board of Trustees
Other Board Members
Kenneth Adelman
Former US Ambassador and Director of the
Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

Ken Adelman was the front man for the fake lobbying organization set up by Thaksin in 2007 to attack the military government.

Above: Part of the full page ad placed in The Wall Street Journal in 2007 by USA for Innovation-- a lobbying group supposedly concerned with pharmaceutical trade issues

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