The cat does not bite the hand of the one who cradles it

From Manager, June 17, 2010
Sondhi Limthongkul is pointing to a bite mark on his hand and saying: Thus, I like cradling the cat... as the cat does not return to bite the hand of the one who cradles it.

[Classic Thai word play on Thaksin's nickname: Maew (neutral tone = cat) and Maew (Higher tone = Thaksin's nickname).
At one time Sondhi and a network of tycoons firmly supported Thaksin, but a series of behind-the-scenes events, which included the grandiose aspirations of Thaksin and his family members that led to sidelining his allies, led to a falling out. Sondhi is also well-known for having a cat named "Happy."]

From Manager, June 17, 2010
The two figures in the window are PM Abhisit and Deputy PM Suthep. Abhisit is saying: Let them stay outside for a month, if they survive and return to see us they can fight and be messed up until they cannot move further [become exhausted and stop].

[This reflects the feeling that the government will stay in power regardless of how much chaos occurs on the street--that the ruling figures are firmly in power for the time being. Update: Another comment on this cartoon on the forum.]

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