Why did you stage a bombing at Rajaprasong?

(Source: Manager, July 27, 2010)

From Manager, July 27, 2010
Man at left: Nobody ordered... then why did you stage a bombing at Rajaprasong?
Man at right: Korkaew lost, then I was frightened.
The words on the wall in the background read: The new Thai State
The caption reads: At the underground operations office
[This refers to the bomb plot at Rajaprasong immediately after the July 25 election results were known.
The joke probably is that no one ordered the bombing and that the person at the right (who is supposed to be the bomber) did so from panic because of the loss of the by-election in July 2010 when Korkeaw Pikulthong lost to Panich Vikitsreth.
Korkeaw Pikulthong ran for election from jail after being detained for the rioting and arson during the Red Shirt siege of Bangkok earlier this year and his loss would further remove his immunity from prosecution.
Update 2012: Korkeaw landed back in jail for repeatedly threatening the Constitutional Court with civil war if it ruled against the government.
Addressing a rally, he said he expected a coup and advised Red Shirts to stock up on supplies and say goodbye to their family members as they would be fighting "eye to eye" ("to the end").]
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