Reds and Lenin?/Reds and the KNU?

Reds and Lenin?/Reds and the KNU? - July 24, 2010

[Some of this counts as a Thai email forward. We include it to give a taste of some of the issues widely discussed online and in the press. There are multiple theories attempting to link the Red Shirts to a communist revolution or Burmese rebel groups. Nitipoom's article warns the government that they will trigger a communist revolution if they are not careful.

On one hand this is certainly stoked by anti-Red Shirt fear mongerers. On the other hand, both the Red Shirts and Pheu Thai have conspicuously used revolutionary symbols in their dress and publications. Red Shirt allies have also added pressure to the government with their predictions of a possible communist future for Thailand.

The purpose of all this has always been to threaten the establishment that Thaksin (through the Red Shirts) can trigger drastic actions if he remains "unsatisfied." More on the nature of Thai protest here. (If you understand that short article, you can understand a how Red Shirt spokesman can tell the foreign press (paraphrased): "We were not violent for 40 days before we turned violent. This proves we were non-violent.")]

KNU and the Red Shirts -, July, 2010
(The Thai army officer) warns the KNU [Karen National Union] not to involved with the reds. It is said that the group who want to step into power in Thailand and the internal breakup in the Thai Army benefits to the KNU and the ill-will group against Thailand...

On the forum: Nitiphoom's article "Don't pressure the people to create the Siamese version of V.I. Lenin"

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