The BKPD blues

The BKPD blues - Bangkok Post, June 26, 2010
If you see two policemen sitting on a motorbike together, it's not because they are best buddies and have vowed to fight crime together, pelvis to pelvis. It's because they put the down payment on the motorbike together, so they won't have to take the bus to catch criminals.
If you see a policeman with a World War Two era side-arm strapped to his belt, it's not because he likes antiques. It's because he can't afford to buy a pistol, so he's using his grandfather's.
If you hand over a 100-baht bill to a traffic policeman during a traffic stop, it's not just because he's corrupted. It's also because you are corrupted and meant to corrupt him. The money will most likely go to pay for his rent, or other family necessities...

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