Tony Jaa

Tony Jaa - June 4, 2010
[Thanks to Marc for pointing this out. Not sure what the real story is, but is seems as if the writers of these articles are interpreting monkhood as a permanent, lifelong calling rather than a temporary state as is normally the case in Thailand.]

Tony Jaa Rides His Elephant Away from the World of Film -, June 1, 2010
...Currently, Jaa is under a ten year exclusive contract with Sahamongkol, a contract he's clearly not happy with. And in order to escape the legal and financial clutches of his contract, he's entered the monkhood. This is the abridged version, of course. A more fleshy theory resides over at Twitch, where Todd Brown expertly maps out the dispute between Jaa and those who pay the bills on his film projects...

Ong Bak's Tony Jaa leaves movie business -, June 1, 2010

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