The most clueless article on Thai politics ever

The Thai crisis - History repeats itself - NYT, June, 2010
[Wow! This piece by a "national security expert" is one of the most clueless articles on Thai politics ever (and that is really saying something). Thanks to Cris for pointing this out.]
...Why and how have they been able to show such determination? It's simple. The army is taking its cue from the palace, not from the government that rules in Thaksin's name. So it all but openly permits the chaos that has for the present ruined the travel industry and slowed down the economy.
...Just wait - the king will wave his magic wand and the crisis will be over. The army - or some other appropriate delegate - will take power, and the country will find the patience to wear out the endurance of an expiring Thaksin, who in exile loses wealth and legitimacy by the day...

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