‘In Trying Times, Local Movie Festival Fights On’

From a press release: May 14, 2010 Bangkok, Thailand - Despite Red Shirt protests, lack of government support, and a diminishing pool of potential sponsors, one emerging Bangkok-based movie festival is determined to carry on.
The new Bangkok IndieFest, slated for August 4-8 of this year, was set into motion as a grass-roots undertaking by Thai and International organizers last August, when times in Thailand were relatively untroubled.
Since then, hundreds of international and local filmmakers have submitted their work, eager to screen in Bangkok, Southeast Asia's movie capital, despite the growing unrest.
...IndieFest organizers concede that, while a low-budget film festival may run counter to some local Thai moviegoers' expectations of a lavish motion picture event, they are seeking to adhere to a viable sustainability model for the fest's long term growth, especially after experiencing current operational challenges in Thailand.
Ultimately, organizers believe Bangkok IndieFest will nonetheless make a positive contribution to the development of the local motion picture sector.
And more importantly, while many organizations are scaling back their cultural events or canceling them altogether, Bangkok IndieFest organizers are convinced that any cultural attraction which can help offset negative international press generated by recent protest activities can only be beneficial to Thailand in the long run.

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