Thaksin’s health

(Photo: Thaksinlivedotcom on Facebook)

Above: Photo released of Thaksin on a beach to prove he is healthy.
Below: Enlargement of the beach photo.

Thaksin's health - April 26, 2010
Questions remain about the actual condition of Thaksin. For many months, reliable sources in the foreign diplomatic corps in Bangkok have circulated information on Thaksin's ongoing health problems.
Recent "proof of life" photos (like the one above) appear to show Thaksin inserted into a scene. All the photos also have fake yellow time stamps. We are certain that some of the Saudi Arabia photos released seem similar to ones we have seen several years ago (but we are still looking for those original ones to prove this). Until Thaksin appears holding a recent newspaper to confirm the actual date of these photos, questions will remain--why are these Photoshopped photos being released to prove Thaksin is in good health?

Thaksin denies cancer death claim - Bangkok Post, April 26, 2010

Update: Throughout the day, ridicule over these photos (along with this one for its strange blue tinge on the left shoulder) has grown on Thai-language weboards. The Thaksin camp will have to come up with more convincing evidence of Thaksin's state soon.

Update: Ex-Thai PM Thaksin spotted in Montenegro - AP, April 26, 2010

Update: AP photos, dated April 26, of Thaksin in Montenegro: here, here, and here
...Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, left, waves as he walks out of a bank in Podgorica, Montenegro, Monday, April 26, 2010. Thaksin said in Montenegro Monday that he is in contact with the demonstrators who have been camped in a shopping area of the Thai capital for 24 days...
[Could it be that Thaksin was in Montenegro all along and the faked travel photos were created to give the impression he was traveling freely around the world on business?]

Update: Deposed Thai premier says in contact with protestors - AFP, APril 26, 2010
...The former premier, who holds a passport of this Adriatic republic, arrived in Montenegro this weekend for talks over possible investments in the country...

Update: Video of Thaksin in Montenegro

(Photo: Thaksinlivedotcom on Facebook)

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