King Bhumibol tells judges to work with honesty

(Source: Channel 3 screen grab)

King Bhumibol tells judges to work with honesty - MCOT, April 26, 2010


Massive billboard campaign - April 29, 2010

This is part of a widespread that has seen dozens of billboards honoring the King spring up in various sizes and locations all around town.
This billboard reads: On the occasion of the celebration of 60th anniversary of HM King's coronation and the 60th anniversary of the King's wedding - We know how much of the Father [the King] is tired - Father has to persevere insistently - As Father knows he is the power of the land that leads our sufficient lives - Thais' happiness under the shelter of HM's mercy - Bangkok Metropolitan Administration - Advertising and Sign Producing Association - Aqua Corporation Public Company Limited.

[This billboard features the iconic photo of the King with sweat dripping from his nose. This photo and its symbolism may be hard to understand for non-Thais. To Thais this symbolizes the quality of being hard working regardless of difficulties and obstacles to bring happiness to everyone. This observation in turn is meant to remind people to be aware that they should perform good deeds to express gratitude to the King in return.]

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