Dry river

Dry river - Komchadluek, March 8, 2010
The caption to the graphic reads: The critical situation of the Mekong River - the condition of the Mekong at the Ban Pakhuaykha in Tambon Natarn, Natarn district in Ubonratchathanee Province, expected that many water irrigation stations in the Northeast region will be defunct [temporary defunct due to the lack of water] in April. As reported on March 3rd.
The red letter on the map graphic shows the dry areas of the river. The four provinces next to the red circles are Chiangrai, Nongkai, Nakorn Panhom and Ubonratchathanee.
The four red arrows at the top indicate the point where dams were constructed by the Chinese government.
The headline reads: The shallow Mekong - damaging the transportation business valued at 100 million - the critical Mekong River, transportation by water in Chiangrai is severely impacted - Boats cannot pass - Commodities valued at 100 million are damaged - Illegal drugs flow - Condemning China for constructing reservoirs without concern for other countries adding amphetamines and marijuana prepared ready for smuggling

Flooding fears - Property Report Thailand, March 10, 2010
A doomsday scenario that sees parts of the Thai capital submerged might be just a few decades away. Scientists have raised concerns for several years that Bangkok, alongside other parts of the world, is vulnerable to a combination of rising sea levels and subsidence. This potential threat will inevitably affect the real estate sector...

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