The Pata Gorilla

The Pata gorilla - Komchadluek, March 5, 2010
The headline reads: The Social Network people muster up - pushing ahead PATA [the Department Store] to return freedom [to] King Kong [a guerilla kept at the Pata Department Store] - The Social Network pushes PATA to prepare a proper place [for the guerilla] and to return freedom to the guerilla, whereas the department store says it take better care [of the animal], adding that the guerilla's sneezing even worried the staff and [PATA] prepares to discuss with the 'Khao din' [Dusit Zoo] about reproduction - page 14
[Recently, a forwarded email showing the despondent-looking gorilla was circulated and generated worry among the public and media about the well-being of the ape. The animal lovers claim that the guerilla at the department store's zoo is suffering from the living condition at the enclosure and the lack of animal pals.]
The Nation had a story about the gorilla-keeper defending the conditions the gorilla is kept in: BUA NOI, THE GORILLA - I love the gorillas more than my children, says zoo carer

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