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King of Siam board game - February 2, 2010
From Board Game Geek: Siam 1874: A power struggle has has broken out. Siam's king has initiated reforms that have resulted in a clash between the Malays, Lao, and Royalists. The appearance of unity, however, must be preserved or the British might move in and make a colony out of Siam. Will the Siamese succeed in this tightrope walk and and maintain the nation of freedom?
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More on the King of Siam board game - February 2, 2010
Andy writes: Nice to see that game on your main page, I discovered it by fluke some time ago and even wrote a bit on it in my blog [the excellent "Changwat, Amphoe, Tambon - Everything about the administrative subdivisions of Thailand"].
The author of the game also has a (German language) blog. I even imported one box of that game for Rikker, so it has at least one copy in Bangkok already by now.

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