Royal palace in the countryside

(Source: undated postcard)

Royal palace in the countryside - February 20, 2010
This undated postcard has a notation: The palace for thedsa visit [This appears to mean it house is the palace for the King (probably Rama V) during royal visits to  areas outside the capital city.]

[As we understand it,"thedsa" is an abbreviation of "monthonthedsapibarn" or "monthonthedsa" which was a system for dividing areas during the reign of King Rama V. The groups were: monthon ---> muang (province)---> amphor (district)--> tambon--> ban (mooban/village). There were 19 monthons in the past and each consisted of at least 4-5 cities. We are not sure if this is right. Maybe Changwat, Amphoe, Tambon can help out.]

There is also an interesting post on Changwat, Amphoe, Tambon: Changes in romanized names: ...This explains why in my first trips to Thailand I still saw the old airport spelled "Don Muang" everywhere, and only recently the street signs pointing towards that district have changed to "Don Mueang"...

Update: CAT explains: Thanks for featuring my blog on the main page again, curious if I will see a peak in my access statistics again... But I think the postcard text simply means "Palace for royal visits in the countryside" - the word thesa originates from Sanskrit "desa" meaning country. I had once dissected the two words "thesaphiban" (?????????) and "thesaban" (??????) having the same "thesa" at beginning even though spelled slightly different in Thai, the long missing in thesaban.
I guess in the postcard "thesa" really means "country", and is not the abbreviation for thesaphiban or even monthon thesaphiban.
BTW: I'd love to see more historical photos of the administrative offices, I once posted one taken from a book on my blog. Such old photos should be all have their copyright expired, but are almost impossible to find in the net, and I have no access to the National Archive...

Thai Royal Palaces Virtual Tour presented to you by Bureau of The Royal Household - February, 2010
[Thanks to Marc for pointing this out.]

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