Merchant of Death case is a pantomime

Merchant of Death case is a pantomime - author - RT, February 18, 2010
...What's more we have Bout co-conspirator Andrey Smolin, who actually disappeared from Bangkok's Sofitel hotel where he was guarded by forty commandoes, handcuffed, no shoes, no wallet, no passport. We are supposed to believe the American version of events that: Smolin escaped without anyone noticing; makes it out of the hotel without anyone paying attention; a hotel surrounded by 200 commandoes and special forces -- you were here, you know what it was like; makes it into a taxi, handcuffed; goes to the airport, handcuffed without a passport; somehow eludes the taxi driver without raising suspicion; not paying for his taxi drive; gets a ticket without a passport, handcuffed, to the only place in the world, if convicted he's going to serve three life sentences.
...There is no hope of Viktor Bout ever getting a fair trial in the United States. There is no hope of anybody getting a fair trial, who is what in Russian we call "inakomyslyashhi" somebody who thinks differently than what the main stream publications allow them to think. And that's unfortunately what's going to happen...

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