Earlier: The frozen Shinawatra accounts

Earlier: The frozen Shinawatra accounts - February 19, 2010
[With the verdict coming up, we wanted to post this again.]

From August 15, 2008: The totals in the Shinawatra accounts left in Thailand have been spoken of often, but it is interesting to contemplate the mind-boggling amounts broken down by various banks.
The "major" accounts are

18,100,000,000 baht at Bangkok Bank
2,100,000,000 baht at the Bank of Ayudhya
39,600,000,000 baht at Siam Commercial Bank
1,400,000,000 baht at Thanachart Bank
500,000,000 baht at the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives
15,700,000,000 baht at the Government Savings Bank
10,000,000,000 baht at the Islamic Bank of Thailand
2,700,000,000 baht at the Securities and Land Depository Centre

(Source TNA/MCOT)

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