Politics, scandal fuel purge of Pattaya police ranks

Politics, scandal fuel purge of Pattaya police ranks - PattayaMail.com, February 26-March 4, 2010
...He appears, though, to be a victim of the ongoing scandal over position-buying in the Royal Thai Police. Noppadon's critics claim he paid 10 million baht to leave his Chonburi Provincial Police command early to take over the Pattaya station. Noppadon denies the allegations, saying he was asked to head the Pattaya station due to his strong crime-suppression performance in Chonburi.
But even the country's highest-ranking police officials are now saying publicly that position-buying has long been practiced, with officers making deals with politicians to secure the most-lucrative jobs. Former Royal Thai Police Chief Sombat Amornwiwat told the media Feb. 18 it was 'more than certain' that police paid off politicians to secure their jobs and that the process 'can never be stopped' unless a reform plan proposed by current Democrat Party leaders is enacted...

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