Thaksin appalled by Hun Sen’s economic knowledge

Thaksin appalled by Hun Sen's economic knowledge (3) - Khmer Intelligence News, January, 2010
Thailand's former premier Thaksin Shinawatra who has recently been appointed as economic advisor to Cambodia's prime minister Hun Sen is reportedly appalled the latter's poor economic knowledge and stubbornness. When Thaksin asked Hun Sen what measures he has taken to counter the ongoing world economic and financial crisis, Hun Sen was unable to speak clearly. Hun Sen tried to say there was nothing he could do and he had to only wait for the United States and Europe to "resolve their problems." When Thaksin asked him about the size of the economic stimulus package the Cambodian government has adopted, Hun Sen just scratched his head. And when Thaksin asked him about the social safety net the Cambodian government has put in place to protect the population, Hun Sen just asked back, "What is this?"

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