“Meet A Gang’s Rep In A Go-Go Bar”

(Source: Mafia Wars - Bangkok)

"Meet A Gang's Rep In A Go-Go Bar"

(Source: Mafia Wars - Bangkok)

"Pay Off The Guards At Bangkwang Prison"

(Source: Mafia Wars - Bangkok)

"Move Stolen Art Through Suvarnabhumi Airport"

Mafia Wars Bangkok or Virtual Bangkok?
- January 29, 2010
Mafia Wars is proud to unleash its newest city--Bangkok, a city overrun by crime and chaos as two gangs struggle for dominance over turf...

Nils updates: Mafia Wars Bangkok is still delayed...... however, a small number of users have been selected as beta testers and been given access to the first 2 new job tiers. Also, Zynga has released a "Royal White Elephant" limited loot item and "Bangkok Crates" containing some new Asian weapons, armor and vehicles, available to all users for in-game currency.

More at the (very comprehensive) Mafia Wars Wiki, including detailed item lists, job names for the tiers ('Brawler & 'Criminal') plus artwork (as leaked/compiled by users who already have access): Bangkok, Brawler, Criminal, Faction Store, Purchased in Bangkok, Bangkok crate, tuk-tuk, and a nice business: tourist guide scam (right)

(Source: Mafia Wars - Bangkok)

More on Mafia Wars - Bangkok - February 20, 2010
Nils reports: The remaining 4 episodes have now been rolled out (themes & locations in brackets): Pirate (piracy & smuggling, Malaysia/Indonesia) - Commandant (drug trade, Golden Triangle) - Oyabun - (Tokyo) - Dragon Head - (Hong Kong) - Bangkok Boss Contest

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