Stigmatized in the Deep South

Stigmatized in the Deep South - January 9, 2010
From an email forwarded from friend living near the Inkayuthaboriharn military camp in Pattani who was accused by the military of being an insurgent:

I do not want to talk about the painful memory any longer because it brings the feeling that I do not want to think about. Talking about it makes me feel the pain every time... I hope that the story that I tell will be one of the solution for state authority... I accept that the operation of the authority as I told is not the state policy to solve the problem and bring peace.

However, I want to raise the question asking high ranked authority and the state policy controller whether they have explored seriously about how operational officials perform their work. Do they follow the declared policy?

Today the word "suspected" was put on my face for the rest of my life [the military questioned him and suspects him of being involved]. Every time that the violent situation occurred in this area, I will be one who was brought into investigation questioning my involvement. I have to live in society with the suspected charge of bombing and shooting despite that I am proved I was not involved in the incident.

I feel that I was put into the new world by the state authority and they indirectly kill me... and the government itself narrows my living space. Today no one dare associate with me like before, merely because I was stigmatized as militant...

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