Thai anti-communist propaganda pictures from the 1960s

Thai anti-communist propaganda pictures from the 1960s -, December, 2009
Great series of posters pointed out on Orient Expat

[2015 note: Like many newspaper articles from just a few years ago, this article is no longer online. Below is the complete text of the original article.]

The following set of anti-Communist propaganda pictures six appear to have originated from Thailand in the 1960s. That’s about all I know from the little information provided on He Xie Shang An (River Crab Goes Ashore). For those who don’t yet know, “river crab” is a pun on the Chinese word for “harmony/harmonious”, which many Chinese netizens are quite tired of given that it tends to pop up in far too many modern government proclamations and exhortations. Anyway, I’ve gone ahead and translated the Chinese captions. I have no idea whether or not they are translations of the original Thai captions.



“Communist Chinese schools are indoctrinating the Communist plan to expand towards Southeast Asia. The Kingdom of Thailand’s school are teaching standard/appropriate arts and sciences knowledge.”



“Chinese people stripped of the freedom to migrate or travel long distances. The Kingdom of Thailand is the opposite.”


共产党强行拆散老百姓的家人; 泰王国的人民安居乐业。

“The Communist Party forcefully breaks apart the common people’s family members. The Kingdom of Thailand’s people live and work in peace and happiness.”



“The Communist Party makes fattens the public and deprives the private, not allowing the Chinese people to have sufficient private property. The people of the Kingdom of Thailand however live comfortably in abundance.”



“The Chinese people are forced to perform voluntary labor. The people of the Kingdom of Thailand can freely arrange their own labor.”



“The Communist Party tears down images of Bhudda and arrest Buddhist monks; the Kingdom of Thailand however fully protects the freedoms of Buddhist believers.”
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