We’re sick of the Ministry of Culture

We're sick of the Ministry of Culture - Bangkok Post Blogs, December 09, 2009

...Our Ministry of (non)Culture is incredibly creative in cooking up unnecessary scandals due solely to their Jurassic outlook, authoritarian leanings and the staunch refusal to live in the real world. The straw that breaks a camel's back... is the latest incident that took place this week: Two web posters, one of them my source, were threatened with a lawsuit by one of the Culture Ministry's well-known watchdogs (she's human, by the way) after they posted critical messages on the popular Pantip web forum disparaging the antediluvian policies of our inglorious ministry. The messages, for instance, discussed the regressive tendency of the ministry as well as its dogged refusal to encourage cultural diversity by sticking to the narrow-minded definition of what Thai culture is. My source cited a name in his comments: Ladda Tangsupachai, the watchdog chief who has a low opinion on modern art, love songs, non-Thai fashion, and so on...

The FaceBook group: We're sick of Ministry of Culture in Thailand

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