Red Cross postcard

Red Cross postcard - December 19, 2009
The postcard reads: Good friend to the public is the Red Cross

[In the past, the Red Cross provided anti-snake serum for the public and raised snakes for medical research and study. One interesting linguistic note: The word "friend" in Thai is normally "mitr" or "puen," but here it is "sa-hai" which has the meaning of "friend" which was most commonly used in Thailand during the height of communist influence in the 1970s. After the 1976 crackdown, many college students and intellectuals class fled the dictatorial government to fight in the jungles following the philosophy of the communist party. We are not sure the era of this card, but it is interesting they use this word--perhaps to appeal to those with communist sympathies.]

More Red Cross postcards - December 31, 2009
The postcard reads: Helminth [parasitic worms] always enter into the body through skin such as in feet and normally lives in a dirty and wet area
[Part of a Red Cross campaign for health and hygiene]

The postcard reads: The World and the Red Cross
[meaning the Red Cross is important to supporting the world]

The postcard reads: Raising ducks and chickens, getting eggs to eat - Donating to the Red Cross, getting merit
[This is a comparison stating that if one raises ducks and chickens, they will finally have eggs to eat which is the benefit of raising the animal. Likewise, one who donates to the Red Cross will receive merit in return. This is based on the colloquial Buddhist belief that there is a reaction/result to deeds.]

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