Lawsuit signals new dawn in Thailand

Lawsuit signals new dawn in Thailand - New York Times, December 18, 2009
..."In rural areas, there is almost no enforcement at all," said Anthony Zola, a US environmental consultant. "Water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution -- you can make all the complaints you want and no one pays any attention to you."
...Thailand's National Cancer Institute found in 2003 that rates of cervical, bladder, breast, liver, nasal, stomach, throat and blood cancers were highest in Rayong Province, where Map Ta Phut and other industrial zones are located. A study led by Italian researchers and released in 2007 found that people living near Map Ta Phut had 65 percent higher levels of genetic damage to blood cells than people in the same province who lived in rural areas. Such cell damage, which is a possible precursor to cancer, was 120 percent higher for refinery workers than for residents of Rayong Province's rural communities...

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