Beer Leo’s calendar

Beer Leo's calendar - December 18, 2009
A "racy" Beer Leo calendar somehow co-branded with the government is front page news in Thai newspapers.
A Suan Dusit Poll released on December 17 showed 45% of people judge the calendar as "obscene," 38% found it not objectionable and 15% not sure. About the same percentages found it degraded women and nearly 60% felt it was inappropriate to distribute in Government House as it was promoting an alcohol company.
The government angle aside, the attitudes to this calendar show how things have changed in a short time. Up until the mid-1990s, fully nude calendars were routinely printed and distributed by alcohol companies. After the 1997 currency devaluation, most companies cut calendar production as a cost-cutting measure. In the meantime, attitudes changed. The calendars never quite came back and those that did were much tamer and harshly criticized for being against women and society.

Exercise in bare cynicism - Bangkok Post, December 18, 2009
[More on the "racy" calendar including new attitudes to both using sexy females for advertising and alcohol.]

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