Attack in the Deep South

Kolok reports: 1 died [later this rose to 3 dead] and 11 were injured in the militants' gun and bombing attack at a restaurant in Sungaipadee district. At 6:45 am on December 9, 2009, the police team from the Sungaipadee police station in Narathiwat province, together with the Narathiwat 33 bomb disposal unit, rushed to inspect the local restaurant on Jarusathien Road in the municipality of Tambon Paluru, where a militant gun attack occurred. Then militants detonated a 5 kilogram bomb that was hidden in the motorcycle in the area. The explosion injured 12 bystanders and one later died from the injury. The investigation indicated that two militants on their motorcycle opened gunfire using an HK gun into the local restaurant before escaping. Then militant gang used a mobile device to detonate the bomb in the motorcycle which was parked in the area earlier leading to 12 injuries.

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One soldier and one militant dies in the Battle in Bacho - December 23, 2009
Kolok reports: At 12:50 on December 23, 2009, a team of 12 soldiers from the Marine Corps from Chulabhorn camp in Narathiwat's Muang district, led by Vice Admiral Thongchai Yaemchuti, traveled to inspect the RKK militant's hideout in Banbulga village in Tambon Kayormatee in Narathiwat after sources informed them that a militant gang planed to stage violent attacks during the new year's celebration.
When the two cars of the authorities reached the road of the Banbulga village, 100 meter away from the Tambon Kayormatee administrative organization, militants opened fire on the soldiers. A team from the Narathiwat 32 task force was dispatched to reinforce.
28-year-old soldier Pithak Meemuang suffered severe injury to the chest and died later after being rushed to Bacho Hospital. Bacho Police Chief Police Colonel Chamlong Ngamnet suffered injury from a wound on his right arm.
A militant, identified as 28-year-old Salavee Saloh, residing at the house number 104 in Moo 5 in Tambon Kayormatee in the district, died in the gunfight (above). The authorities seized evidence such as a .38 pistol, bullets, three mobile phones and battery charger, and cash.

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