The government cannot afford to be lax in upcoming showdown with Thaksin

Govt cannot afford to be lax in upcoming showdown with Thaksin - The Nation, November 24, 2009
...Thaksin has spent money to lure at least 50 retired generals - all of them his classmates in the pre-cadet school - to stand by his side, plus some older veterans and ex-mercenaries from the wars in Vietnam and Laos. They have betrayed their country for Thaksin's money and the promise of more spoils if their mission is accomplished.
Thaksin's soldiers of fortune comprise the red shirts, hired thugs, members of the Pheu Thai Party and followers left from the dissolution of his two earlier parties. They are supposed to be more formidable and they also aim high - abolition of the monarchy, if possible.
Their objectives have never been kept secret. The red-shirt leaders simply intend to topple the government - via treason or otherwise. Their counterparts in Chiang Mai talked on the radio last week, saying that they would kill Abhisit if he sets foot in the province to attend the meeting of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. They will mobilise up to 100,000 people from eight northern provinces to fulfil the mission...

Red shirts indefinitely postpones rally from Sunday - The Nation, November 25, 2009

Thaksin to Red Shirts: 'postpone rally, it's not right time'
- TNA, November 25, 2009

Thaksin's new name: Takki Shinegra - The Nation, November 25, 2009

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