Wanted: Pornthip’s head!

Wanted: Pornthip's head! - mysinchew.com, November 1, 2009
...Since then, she has been told by the police that her head was wanted by certain people in southern Thailand.
"They offered at least one million baht (approximately RM100,000) for my head, but I'm not afraid of it!...

Tracking down the bombing mastermind - mysinchew.com, November 2, 2009
...Thanks to the mysterious death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock, Malaysians get to know this fashion-conscious legendary woman...

The sensational side of Pornthip Rojanasunan - mysinchew.com, November 3, 2009
...But her backpack is quite unlike what other women would carry, full of cosmetics and sort.
Inside her backpack are all kinds of chains and rings which are related to Buddha.
Besides, there are also pictures of the Holy Priest as well as the late kings of Thailand...

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