Police arrest Finn on fraud, money laundering charges

Police arrest Finn on fraud, money laundering charges - TNA, November 1, 2009

Earlier: Investment fraudsters under investigation - Uutiset, October 15, 2009
...In March 2008 a Tampere man invested 200,000 euros in an Ikaros subsidiary, IG Entertainment, to help bankroll a night club in Phuket, Thailand. However the funds were allegedly paid directly into the personal accounts of the subsidiary's director...
A "Finnish Reader" notes: This story is about Ikaros Group and its subsidiaries operating in Phuket, Thailand. Stories in Finnish here, here and here.
Of sidenote, on Finland is an ongoing criminal investigation against Finland's biggest Ponzi sceme about "Wincapita/Winclub", of which leaders escaped to or lived in Pattaya and Phuket in 2008...

An English-language thread on the company is here.

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