Writers who make up details about Thailand

Writers who make up details about Thailand - November 18, 2009
It is an open secret that many writers (and this includes guide book writers) report on Thailand from afar while claiming to actually be here.
Noel points out this gem: A bizarre, dreamed up description of Patpong From Maxim Magazine in an article about David Carradine's death:
...A vast open-air sex market, the Patpong is a 20-minute walk from the hotel, past the U.S. and British embassies; an X-rated bazaar that looks like a psychedelic Bourbon Street. This is where they filmed The Deer Hunter to simulate wartime Saigon. The Patpong is divided into Soi 4, which is predominantly gay; Soi Cowboy, a note-perfect re-creation of pre-Disney Times Square, designed to cater to the Western tourist; and Nana Plaza, which is where they keep the kink. Girls in baby-doll nighties with numbers around their necks loll on red-velvet cushions behind a wall of glass, like a giant aquarium. In a far corner a Thai guy with a cash register on a rickety wooden table rings up the sales. Looking for answers at the dodgy Nana Hotel, I meet a striking-looking child bride who calls herself A. She pours herself into my lap. Like everyone I talk to in the Patpong, she doesn't know anything about Carradine, but for 10,000 baht (roughly $300 in U.S. currency) she will come back to my hotel, tie me up, choke me, and stay the night. I take a rain check...

We bet they blame this on the editors.

More on writer Mark Ebner's made-up article on Thailand - The Shark Guys, November 18, 2009
His flight was followed, he says, "by a teeth-rattling cab ride through the smog-choked, sweltering squalor of metro Bangkok, dodging rickshaws and limbless sidewalk cripples begging for change..."

More on the Carradine/Maxim piece - Global Post, November 24, 2009
This may one of the first articles point out the absurd Carradine article. The author Patrick notes: ...Despite the volume of facts he got wrong, and the general absurdity of his tone, the guy DID come to Bangkok. It would almost be less embarrassing if he DIDN'T. This piece went beyond misunderstanding into full-fledged lying -- I'm thinking of the "child bride" bit in particular...

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