ASTVManager book: The gang to topple the dynasty

ASTVManager book: The gang to topple the dynasty - November 28, 2009

From ASTV Manager, December 21-27, 2009
The headline reads (something like): Bloody December - Overthrow - Romanov - Cruel man's game - Sky
[This means something like "A cruel man [Thaksin] has ill will towards the dynasty/royalty." The photo shows the Romanov family who were executed in the Russian Revolution. This photo has been featured in Red Shirt publications in essays about the fate of monarchies who resisted reform. Like the Red Shirt movement itself, those sorts of threats are cards that are being played by Thaksin to pressure the establishment over his pardon.]
The book cover in the top left corner reads: The gang to topple the dynasty - Wicked capitalist - The Red Siamese - The poisoned media - The excessive academic - The UFO cult
["The UFO cult" refers to the Dhammakaya Movement's architectural style that looks like a UFO. The Dhammakaya Movement is a Buddhist offshoot associated with Thaksin and the Thai Rak Thai Party. Its popularity is perhaps as a reaction to the more traditional, fatalistic Thai Theravada Buddhism. More on Dhammakaya here, here, and here.]

[The article is to promote a new book from ASTVManager. It is being heavily promoted and openly alleges that Thaksin's plan is to abolish the monarchy. While Manager has long spearheaded the fight against Thaksin--often with extreme or nationalistic claims--the rest of the Thai media have been beginning to express opinions about Thaksin's intentions concerning the monarchy that they previously only alluded to. All of this is despite threats from Thaksin's lawyers to sue those who imply he is disloyal to the monarchy.
Red Shirt publications have featured a series of historical essays explaining how people have overthrown repressive royal regimes and replaced them with republics.
With the cancellation of plans for the million-man march as well as the generally negative public response to nearly every Thaksin initiative in November, the government seems to, for once, have the upper hand in spinning news and painting Thaksin in the way they want to.
This is bolstered by a number of aggressive and sophisticated public relations events including a highly promoted new film on the works of the King to be screened on giant screens on Ratchadamnoen Road in December.
The Silence-Power website is also spearheading a more overt description of Thaksin's alleged aims.
The Bhumjaithai Party and its Blue Shirts are behind the Silence Power website leading in the role of openly opposing Thaksin. It is an ironic and thankless role as the rest of the anti-Thaksin establishment views Newin and the Bhumjaithai Party to be as dangerous as Thaksin to the existing political order.]

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