Why Stocks Fell

Thai stocks down 2 per cent on profit-taking - The Nation, October 14, 2009
[The Nation quotes someone else who will not quite say the reason stocks fell.]
..."There was a panic in early trading due to rumours, but the market rebounded"...

King in 'good health' - Bangkok Post, October 14, 2009
[The Bangkok Post (using an AFP article) openly explains the reason stocks fell. However, the article is no longer online.]
Thailand's royal palace has said that King Bhumibol Adulyadej (seen here in 2008) is in good health but must stay in hospital, after rumours of his deteriorating health rattled the country's stock market...

SET chief attributes index plunge to market consolidation - TNA, October 15, 2009
[TNA gives as many reasons as possible why stocks fell--except the real one.]
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