State Enterprise Union Banners in Samut Prakan


Banners in Samut Prakan - October, 2009

These refer to state enterprise unions that opposed the Thaksin governments' privatization of state enterprises and which has also become critical of the Democrat-led government.
The banner reads: 10 years and the 11 laws selling the nation. The State Enterprise Metropolitan Electricity Authority's Employees Union will demand for the cancellation [of these laws] from the Democrats ultimately - The State Enterprise MEA's Employees Union


The banner reads: The Metropolitan Electricity Authority's Employees Union members altogether do not vote for the Democrat Party as it does not respect the resolution of the Thai Coalition for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders that is concerned with lawful process - The State Enterprise MEA's employees union


The banner reads: The Abhisit led government - Stop the crucial FT. [fuel tariff] increase
[The Democrat-led government is being criticized for raising the fuel tariff rate. This year, the rate is lifted without clarification to the public and many have complained.]


Stop hurting Thailand - October 23, 2009
The banner reads: Stop hurting Thailand by stopping 3 things
1. Stop some group of wicked politicians
2. Stop the hooded bandit officials masterminding the politicians
3. Stop the ruling government of the 2 standards [This refers to the double-standard set by the ruling government in dealing with violations of laws committed by pro-government and pro-Thaksin groups]
The State Enterprise MEA's employees union

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