Thai People Gauge Attitudes toward Constitution, Reform, and Democracy

Asia Foundation's Survey of the Thai People Gauges Attitudes toward Constitution, Reform, and Democracy - PRNewswire, September 16,2009
...Thais give the courts by far the highest integrity rating, with two-thirds (64 percent) assessing them positively. The army has the second highest positive rating at 44 percent, while the police are seen as the least-trusted institution. Only 35 percent gave the election commission high marks, and just 21 percent felt the media has high integrity.
Decentralization was also a key focus of the survey. "As politicians and other stakeholders debate the future of the political process in Thailand, it was interesting to note that a substantial majority (69 percent) of our survey respondents are in favor of shifting some power from the national to the local level, and directly electing provincial governors..."

Also: The complete findings from Constitutional Reform and Democracy in Thailand: A National Survey of the Thai People

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