Billboard opposing Red Shirt petition to the King asking for a Thaksin pardon


Anti-petition billboard - September 4, 2009
The billboard reads: Do you think the listing of people's names on a petition is proper or not? If not, to whom it is not suitable for? Is it proper or not? [From] Thais who do not agree.

[Not sure if this is the exact translation, but we think it is close. This refers to the Red Shirt petition to the King to pardon Thaksin. It questions whether any political figure--like Thaksin--should have the audacity to send a huge throng of supporters to pressure the monarchy to pardon him.

After the chaos that the Red Shirts caused in Bangkok in March and April of 2009, it would be a Thai impulse to think that the solution would be a "forgive and forget" pardon to all involved. Otherwise, Thaksin would feel honor-bound to continue to agitate for his return--with a repeat of the events of March-April 2009, if necessary. This is the threat behind the submission of the petition.

This billboard is similar to this pro-PAD billboard of the past.]

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