The Phuket Mafia

Phuket mafia - September 22, 2009 has a series of hair-raising articles about the recent confrontations between tourists and the Phuket mafia and other incidents related to the "Big Trouble in Tourist Thailand" series: ...We filmed the mafia but suddenly we are the criminals apparently. The atmosphere is a little bit hysterical. The Marines are behind me thank god.
The gun incident happened on Phuket when a young marine Jack Tebbott from Leicester was kidnapped by tattooed mafia figures, who control what's for sale on Phuket's' Patong Beach...

Camera director of Big Trouble in Thailand makes "tactical withdrawal"

Foreigner arrested after Big Trouble in Thailand documentary

I apologise to the Thai people but blame the film-makers - JJ (updated)

Swiss couple flee jet ski operator in terror - Chaweng

Thai jet ski boss took cash off the US Marines too

British Royal Marines ready to go to "war" over Thai gun confrontation

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