Victory for the Bhumjaithai Party


Victory for the Bhumjaithai Party - September 30, 2009
This photo (above) was taken moments after the Bhumjaithai Party's new banner was unveiled on a billboard above Rama 9 Road. This is the day after the party's controversial bus project was approved by the cabinet.

The billboard (above) reads: For better quality of life for the people - [under the Bhumjaithai Party logo] Populist policy - happy society
* Dustless road
* 1 village, 1 sport court [meaning every village should have a small park for athletics]
* [this is] the work that we intend to do for the happiness of the Thai people

Suthep: Bus approval not a pay-off - Bangkok Post, September 30, 2009
..."It is also not a birthday present for Newin Chidchob,'' he said...

Earlier: The NGV busses - July 30, 2009
The billboard (above right) reads: The Bhumjaithai Party works with intention for the people - populist policy promotes social happiness - 4,000 NGV busses air-conditioned - 12 baht for all round trip - 800 baht for one month trip - 30 baht for all day -600 baht for students for one month - It is time that Bangkok residents have qualified and lower fare public buses
[(From July 30, 2009) This bus project is the kind of irregular slush fund project that Thai politics is famous for. Almost all vehicle purchases fall into this category. Noted as irregular in sourcing and pricing, the NGV project was part of the price for Bhumjaithai to break with Thaksin and be the party to counter Thaksin popularity in rural areas.
Now that the Bhumjaithai Party has failed miserably in countering Thaksin influence in the by-elections, their clout in demanding such as project is dissolving and the NGV project is in doubt.
However, after Wednesday's Privy Council meeting, suddenly a full-blown strategy appeared to counter the Thaksin pardon signature drive--let Bhumjaithai counter the Red Shirt pardon drive with rallies, stickers for taxis, house to house lobbing in the Northeast, and billboards in Bangkok. So perhaps the Bhumjaithai Party has another chance to demonstrate its usefulness.]

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