Tamil Tiger ‘leader’ arrested in Thailand

Tamil Tiger 'leader' arrested in Thailand - CNN, August 6, 2009

New Tamil Tiger leader KP arrested in Thailand, brought to Colombo - Thailandnews,  August 7, 2009
...He was believed to have earned millions of dollars procuring weapons for the Tigers and running smuggling operations from bases across the region including Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.
Security experts say he had multiple passports...

Sri Lanka questions new LTTE chief 'KP': report - Press Trust of India, August 6, 2009
Tamil Tigers' new chief Selvarasa Pathmanathan, who was Tamil Tigers' new chief Selvarasa Pathmanathan, who was arrested in Thailand, has been brought back to Sri Lanka and the authorities are grilling him at an undisclosed location, a media report said today...

Tamil Tiger leader "not arrested in Thailand" - Asia News Network, August 7, 2009
...The source said that he was whisked from Kuala Lumpur back to Sri Lanka for further questioning.
...Meanwhile, Thailand's Special Branch police chief Theeradej Rodphothong said the LTTE head was captured in Singapore, not in Thailand.
Lt Gen Theeradej noted that Thailand was mentioned in the news report because the LTTE head formerly had a Thai wife and he usually moved among three Southeast Asian countries - Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore...

[Let's just say that this is a highly sensitive issue.]

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