Slain Cochrane man’s brother seeking justice in Thailand

Slain Cochrane man's brother seeking justice in Thailand - Calgary Herald, July 30, 2009
..."I really commend him for going to Thailand and seeing all this through, especially under the circumstance," she said Wednesday.
But the stories she's heard about what's happening in Thailand have her frustrated.
"It's just like a nightmare, really. It's like some movie you'd see someplace. It's surreal," she said.
And people are always asking Richard about his brother's insurance money.
"Everybody, from the police to everybody, is interested in the insurance policy," Richard said...

[Interesting reader's comment below the article that seems to reflect what we have heard about Aussies being warned against heading to "dangerous" Thailand and to just stay home where it is safe and civilized: As long as people continue to have this perverse desire to travel to these places of very questionable reputation, this stuff will continue to happen. I have never understood why there is all this brouhaha when the stuff hits the fan in these backwaters. What are people expecting exactly? I know strange things can happen anywhere, but I would rather stick to someplace that has some semblance of law and sensible people and there's a long enough list to keep travelers happy...]

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