Safe-T-Cut workers protest


Safe-T-Cut workers protest - July 2, 2009
Safe-T-Cut works who were fired without pay or benefits demonstrate in front of the Labor Department in Bangkok. Most will know Safe-T-Cut from the ubiquitous breaker boxes in most older Thai buildings.
The words on the sign above reads "Lose the job - Help!" Another banner, out of frame, reads "Why not fire Dr. Nut?" This refers to Dr. Nuttapol Sotthiwanwong, a Safety-Cut executive being blamed by the protesters for their layoffs.
Normally in this situation, the government and police will use all means, legal and otherwise, to force executives to make good on severance pay. In the past this has included holding foreign company executives in jail without charge until they come up with the money. In cases where executives are able to successfully flee, the government quietly settles with the workers.

Also: Safe-T-Cut workers join plant closure protest - The Nation, July 3, 2009

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