June mosque attack

June mosque attack - Asia Security Monitor, No. 239, July 23, 2009
June 9: An attack on a mosque in southern Thailand has brought that nation's simmering five-year Islamist insurgency back in the forefront. Twelve people were reportedly killed in the shooting, which the Christian Science Monitor reports took place just hours after Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva held discussions with Malaysian leader Najim Raznak on the issue of Islamic radicalism. Although it is unclear who perpetrated the act, the Thai government has blamed Muslim insurgents, while locals in Thailand's unstable south speculate that Thai security forces were actually involved. According to BBC, the attack does not fit the typical profile of violence carried out by Muslim insurgents, while China's Xinhua news agency claims the attack was likely an attempt to spark conflict between the Buddhists and Muslims in the region.

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