The Maesod-Tak Road is closed

(Photo: Sadortu)

The Maesod-Tak Road is closed - April 4, 2009
The sign reads: The Maesod-Tak Road is closed - Use this lane to go to Tak

Sadortu explains: This is the continued story of the corn growing farmers' protest blockading the Maesod-Tak Road. The protest caused the trade activities at the border to halt for half the day. The protest is aimed at calling the government to help monitor the price of farming corn product price. This time the pictures received are not the mob activities but shows the results of the road blockade that cause passengers on the Maesod-Tak Road turn to use the Maesod-Mae Ramad and Ban Tak lane to Paholyothin Road to Tak province. [The road has since reopened.]

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