Disturbing details in Thai blaze inquiry

Disturbing details in Thai blaze inquiry - BBC News, April 4, 2009
...Under a new law passed at the end of 2007, all public buildings have to be inspected for safety, and of the nearly 6,000 in Bangkok, around half have already been checked.
But according to the BMA, none of those was a pub or nightclub - and even then, only 200 buildings passed their inspection.
"If you go to a nightclub in Bangkok, and you want to be safe, always check where the exit is, and stay close to it," says Prasong Tharachai, from the Engineering Institute of Thailand.
Improving fire safety would not be expensive, he argues. He hopes that after the Santika tragedy that will now happen.
But Chuwit Kamolvisit doubts it ever will. "We prefer things to be informal," he said. "That is the Thai style..."

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